Thursday, April 3, 2014

Update On Our Journey

It has been so long since I posted and I have a few big updates. We got the results from the chromosome testing. The reason for my miscarriages was that I am chronically low on folic acid. I am glad that we finally know so that I can make sure to take my supplements. Also, just after I posted my last blog I went to a seminar for weight loss surgery. I had been thinking about it for 6 years. I went to my consult in September and decided to get the Gastric Sleeve surgery. I had to see my surgeon once a month for 4 months before my insurance would approve me. I finally had the surgery on January 28, 2014. Everything went very well thankfully. It has been such a change. I obviously can't eat the way I used to. I have lost 35lbs so far. I spoke with my OBGYN and she said that we could start fertility treatments again when I am 6 months post op. Of course I am counting down the days until then! As of right now, I am just concentrating on getting healthier and preparing myself to start TTC again. I really think that this will be the key to our success. I'm trying not to get impatient with the wait. It's tough because my 30th birthday is just around the corner (November) but I am trying to remind myself that I shouldn't put a time limit on everything. Even though it is taking longer than we expected, when it finally does happen, it will be a blessing. 

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